All products are ordered for Drop off group locations in the state of Washington. We do NOT do home deliveries at this time. Orders need to be placed according to the cut off times on the calendar based on where you will be picking up your order.

We research your food so that you don't have to!

Every product that we sell, we have personally built a relationship with the farmers.  We visit each and every farm and talk extensively with them about their practices. Whether it be the food the animals consume or the humane living conditions we come to expect from the farms we work with.  Most of our farmers have organic practices and many are grass-fed.  Please see our links to each one of their websites.  We take great pride in knowing exactly where the food we consume comes from. We want you to know that if we won't eat it, we won't sell it.    

We are the exclusive Western Washington Distributor for Lucky Hook!

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We now carry Dungeness Valley Creamery Raw Milk!

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Williams Valley Family Farms

Grass-fed, A-2 Grade A Whole Raw Milk is here!

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Drop off groups

What is it and how do I sign up?

We have Drop off groups all around the state.  Click here to find the closest one to you. 

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Do you farm organically and sustainably?

Do you have a passion for producing and consuming the highest quality foods available?

If so, we’d love to hear from you and maybe even work together to provide high quality fruits, vegetables, pork, poultry, honey, cheese, yogurt, butter and other items to people who are looking for these types of products. Please contact us to tell us about yourself, and include information about what you grow or produce.  We'd love to talk with you.